Owen Sound Stamp Club

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Club History

Under the guidance of Jim Alsop, a group of 12 stamp collectors met on April 3rd 1985 at the Owen Sound Public Library and formed the Owen Sound Stamp Club.

From those in attendance a slate of officers were nominated and elected. Jim Alsop became the President, John McTavish the Vice President, Chris Pointon the Treasure and Axel Sorenson the Secretary.

At the meeting it was proposed that the newly formed club should apply for a charter in the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. The proposal was carried out and on June 5th 1985 the R. P. S. C. Certificate was received. The Owen Sound Stamp Club was officially Chapter 191 of the R. P. S. C. as of May 14th 1985. Jim Alsop became the club liaisons for the club when dealing with the R. P. S. C.

Meetings were held twice monthly on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday, and arrangements were made to meet at West Hill Secondary School Room 108.

The fiscal year was established as September to August and the first Annual General Meeting was held on September 17 1985. The current executive was acclaimed at the AGM.

At a meeting on September 2nd 1987 John McTavish reported that he had formed a junior club. The junior club would meet at the library on Saturday morning’s bi monthly. John also requested some assistance.

At the AGM on October 7th 1987 new Executive Officers were elected. John McTavish and Bob Ford as co Presidents and Doug and Mary Maher as co Secretary.

On January 24th 1988 the executive of John McTavish, Bob Ford, Chris Pointon and Axel Sorenson met to draft a Constitution and By Laws for the club. The Draft was presented to the club membership on February 3rd 1988 and was approved. Copies were distributed to the membership at the February 16th 1988 meeting.

At the September 20th 1988 meeting a motion was entertained to discontinue the Junior Stamp Club as no one would step up and run it.

The AGM was held on October 5th 1988 were the present executive was acclaimed.

The club moved its meeting venue to St Georges Anglican Church as of September 6th 1989. The club was still meeting bi monthly. Meeting fees of $0.75 per member were to be forwarded to the church.

AGM was held on October 4th 1989. Reg Zeller was elected President, Chris Pointon as Treasure, Bob Ford and Axel Sorenson as Secretary.

On March 20th 1990 a motion was made, to go to a single monthly meeting and to keep the 3rd Tuesday as the meeting night.