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Big Blue 1840-1940 For the world wide classical era philatelist and stamp collector, a country specific philatelic survey is offered with two albums.
Christmas Seals Specializing in Christmas Seals, charity labels, and cinderella stamps.
Colnect Online Catalogue
Exponet online Exhibits An Internet space designed for storing, exhibiting, searching and studying electronically displayed philatelic material (exhibits).
Format International Security Printers The Format International Security Printers printed stamps for over 100 countries, mainly the British Commonwealth countries. They had a very short existence beginning in 1968 and closing in 1989 during which time they printed millions of stamps.
The History of the Postcard Over the years, postcard development has been divided into a handful of distinct periods. Today, deltiologists (postcard collectors) use these periods' defining characteristics to determine the age and value of their collections.
Stamp Link StampLink is designed to promote philately by leading those collecting stamps directly to relevant philatelic sites without search engines.
Stamp World Online Catalogue The most complete stamp catalogue in the world.
Stanley Gibbons world catalogue online My Collection Online Subscription - 12 months Containing stamp catalogue listings and prices from the 2012 Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World series.
What to do if you Inherit A stamp Collection Free online book consists of 27 chapters to help you make sense of a stamp collection you might have inherited.
Witt Cinderella Reference Collection A useful reference tool for cinderella collectors.
World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) WADP Numbering System

Country Specific References

Belgium Canada China Great Britain
Ireland Spain United States  


Small Albert I Belgian small Albert I Stamps
M�rode Monument Belgian Merode Monument Stamps
World of Belgian Stamps Belgian Stamps


Canadian Postage Stamp Catalogue and Price Guide This is the perfect place to learn about Canada's stamps and organize your Canadian stamp collection. You can search stamps by year, title, and province, and you can view stamps by series. Use this catalogue to rekindle your desire for stamp collecting!
Canadian Postal Museum Experience the Canadian story through an outstanding collection of more than 3,000 stamps � every stamp that Canada has ever issued! Housed in a new gallery, the exhibition includes behind-the-scenes stories and unique artifacts.
Canadian Stamp News Canadian Stamp News is Canada�s leading source of information about stamp collecting and related fields. Editorial pages include information on new and old issues, as well as commentary, investment tips and Canada�s most up-to-date listings of Canadian coin and paper money prices.
Chronology of Canadian Postal History Postal communication has contributed to Canada's history in so many ways. The illustrated chronology presented here is intended as a reference tool that stimulates and informs
Early Postal History of Owen Sound A collaborative visual archive of the Early Postal History of Owen Sound to the end of the Queen Victoria Era.
Library and Archives Canada Library and Archives Canada�s (LAC) collection is the shared documentary heritage of all Canadians and spans the entire history of our country. The collection contains materials in all types of formats from across Canada and around the world that are of interest to Canadians including the Canadian Postal Archives.
Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation The primary purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and promote research in the fields of philately and postal history.


Postal Savings Stamps A visual selection.
Manchurian Local Overprints Manchurian Local Overprints (MLO's) 1946 to 1947

Great Britain

King George V Silver Jubilee This site is dedicated to the 1935 Silver Jubilee omnibus stamps of King George V of Great Britain.
Queen Elizabeth Wilding Stamps 'Wilding' Postage stamps issued 1952-1967 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
Simplifying the Machins 'Simplifying the Machins' a Zoom presentation by Robin Harris.
UK Tax Code Stamps The British government started to tax luxury goods during World War II. The Taxcode stamps had no monitary value and served no other purpose than to indicate to retailers the income tax that was charged on the sale.


Home of An Post Irish Stamps Irish stamps and Collector Magazine.


Spanish Telegraph Stamps Spanish Telegraph Stamps of the world.

United States

Great Americans The Great Americans series began in 1980 with the 19� Sequoyah stamp, and continued through 2002 with the 78� Alice Paul self-adhesive stamp.
Smithsonian National Postal Museum US Stamps
State of New York Stock Transfer Stamps These tax stamps were used to pay tax imposed by New York due to the Stock Transfer Stamp Tax of 1905 which taxed the sales of corporate stocks and certificates.
The Second Continental Congress and the U.S. Postal System The U.S. postal system lends much of its organization and operations to the first postmaster general, Benjamin Franklin.

Blogs and Chat Boards

Robin Harris stamp information site Canadian philately information for the discerning collector.
Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum Place to discuss Stamp Collecting and Philately!
Stamp Collecting Blog Resource for stamp information and news.
Stamp Community Forum Free stamp discussion board.
The Stamp Web Free downloadable stamp albums in PDF format for non-commercial use.